Short Fiction Stories – Finding Your Characters

When I begin thinking about writing a Short Fiction Story, I first think about what it will be about, where it will take me, what it will involve, and what it will end up being about. Finding the right person and the right situation can be challenging. These are some helpful tips that will help you make the right decision.

1. Write about what you are good at.

This is an age-old saying for writers. But it’s even more true when it concerns characters. Without having interacted with your character personally, it can be difficult for you to imagine how your character will respond in certain situations. Watching people is one of my favorite activities. It sounds a bit stalkerish, but it is only for research. I don’t even follow them home. When I’m in restaurants or shopping malls, I look at people to see how they act in those situations. What are their strategies for avoiding conflicts? How can they communicate with their peers? Are they outgoing? Outgoing? What would happen if they were in situation X?

These details will be helpful when creating new characters for your story. When you write about shy people in situations, you will be able to observe them and see what they do. It is easy to observe people in every situation, from the mundane to the very stressful.

2. It is necessary to actually see it in order to write it.

How can you tell what your character looks like when you’re writing about them? To help me remember a particular attribute of a character, I always have a picture from a magazine and/or the internet beside me. How long are their hairs? Is their hair long enough to cover their eyes? What happens when they smile How does their facial expression change when they are in different situations? How does their facial expression change with different situations? These are vital questions that you need to know. You might find it helpful to look at someone you know or see frequently to help you pinpoint your character.

3. Define who you are.

How do you describe yourself? What are their innermost desires? What do they think about in the morning? What are their favorite and least favourite people? The way you define yourself as a person can have a profound impact on your story. It is difficult to convey the character’s inner workings to readers if you don’t know their mind. You must know everything about them in order to write like them. You must live out their lives through your computer screen.

When you’re looking for characters for short fiction or your novel, it is crucial to be familiar with all aspects of each character. Even characters with small roles should be considered. What is their reaction to a situation? Is it possible to get them to respond properly to the circumstances? What would their moral and values tell them to do? The steps above will give you a head start when creating your characters. Watching people in their everyday lives can help you get a better picture of how your character will look. Your characters should be modeled after people you’ve met. This will allow you to understand their habits and how they behave. There are very few people who are perfect or completely evil. Make sure that you are a reflection of that in your characters. Give them a good side or a bad side if they are evil. This will allow you to create inner conflict with your character and help your story evolve.