Online Sports-Betting – Winning Strategies and Systems

Do you love sports? Do you enjoy watching sports action? Many people, like me, love to bet on sports events. This is not something I consider a way to earn a living. However, I feel that if one does enough research and applies disciplined theories, it can be both a lot of fun as well as a good source of income M88.

Since I was a teenager, I have been a sports bettor for over 30 years. When I was a teenager, I remember placing bets and then stashing my winnings to try to save money for my first car. While the good news is that I did save enough money for my car, my parents thought I was selling drugs. They grounded me for one month. I tried to explain how I earned all my money playing golf and gambling at sports events. Although they eventually believed me, I felt it was unfair. I now understand the situation a lot better after having my own children.

However, thirty years of sports betting has taught me many things. Some were hard lessons, others were learned through research. The internet has been the most powerful tool in helping to develop systems. I believe that systems can be profitable. It takes discipline to stick with them, but it is worth it.

Today, I’m going to discuss two key points regarding sports-betting. What does the red line signify? How do you manage your money? My own experience, as well as the experiences of my friends over the years has shown me that a good money-management system is the best place. Each sports-bettor needs to first determine how much money they will be able to put aside for betting. Your bankroll is the amount you set aside for betting. Your bankroll should contain 3% to 5% of your wagers. A 5% wager is $25 if you have 500 dollars. 3% is the conservative bet, while 5% can be a bit more aggressive. Your bankroll will grow, and so will your wagers. It is important to wager the same amount every time. You can create an advantage by following winning systems, and reaching a winning percentage. To make a profit, you only need a 53% winning percentage. If you bet on 100 games, you will win 53 and lose 47. The plus 6 units you earn from your winning games is the result. Your loss games, which are typically 10%, take 4.7 units. This leaves you with a profit of 1.3 units. My systems have a 60% target, which means I can make a little more profit. You can’t be certain or secure so don’t buy too many games. Don’t double up to chase losses! It is a sure way to make it a disaster!

Avoid loading up or doubling up. Most of the time, games that seem the easiest don’t work. It is the result of some very strict line-setters. That brings us to today’s next point of focus. What does the line mean? The line is approximately 80% of what the true game line should be and around 20% of what the general public opinion will be about the game. We are struck in two ways by this. First, if the public is strongly in favor one team’s side, the line is set higher than it should on that particular team. Second, as more money is bet on that team, that line will continue to rise. It is important to avoid betting on the “sure thing” games. A “trap game” is when public opinion is dominant for one team. This team is usually the favorite. Experienced sports gamblers may place wagers that are against the dominant public opinion, based solely on the line setting.

It is clear that the line will be set so that both sides can take action. The sportsbooks will adjust the line to reflect public opinion. Monday Night Football is an excellent example. A team that can easily cover Monday night will be grossly under-rated by the public, and the line will likely favor this team more than it should. The team that loses on Monday Night Football is the one with the biggest advantage. They often play with a big chip on their shoulder and are usually set against themselves because the nation has just watched them perform poorly. In 2008, the ATS losing player on Monday night covered 9 of the 15 games the next week. This is a 60% coverage rate. It’s higher over the long term!

There are many benefits and situations to avoid when you venture into the betting world of sports. To help you start your wagering adventure, I would recommend that you develop a money management mindset first. Then, use winning systems and strategies to build your wagering platform. It is not easy to make a decent living from sports betting. If you have good money management skills and follow the right systems, you can have a lot of fun while making a little more. You will always have more fun winning than losing!